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At DX Architects, we specialise in renovations, restorations or additions to heritage houses within Melbourne and the inner suburbs. From the local legislation and planning permissions to the initial concept designs and management of the project, we have a wealth of experience in heritage architecture in the local area.

What does a Heritage Architect do?

Melbourne is the most densely populated city in Australia and is home to just below 5 million people. Property prices are therefore rising, whilst building space within the CBD is diminishing. A typical project for us is the residential architecture of a heritage home or townhouse within a 10km radius of Melbourne city, including locations such as South Yarra, Richmond, Hawthorn & Yarraville.

heritage home renovation in melbourne

Suburbs including South Yarra and Hawthorn are extremely sought-after due to their proximity to the city, modern living culture and access to bars and restaurants. They are also home to a huge number of residential properties and the lack of building space available means that residents are looking to add to, renovate or improve what the property that they already own.

A large number of these residential properties are charming heritage homes and therefore our heritage architectural services are extremely popular. We have completed a number of projects that include maximising living space, improving lighting or extending a heritage home in Melbourne.

Why are people using heritage architects?

Our architectural services are popular for a number of reasons, but heritage properties in particular require a great deal of local knowledge, design skills and creativity. Residents want to maintain the characteristic features and exterior appearance of a heritage home, but benefit from a modern, spacious interior that matches the Melbourne style of living.

Creating space in a small area is our specialty, as well as adding a contemporary feel to a heritage-listed home. However, local legislation and councils are often very conservative with restorations to heritage buildings. It is in this department that DX Architects excels. We have had approval for concept designs and a huge number of heritage properties in the local suburbs, and it is our knowledge of this local legislation that ensures a quick, easy planning process.

Other architectural services for heritage homes that we can provide include:

  • Complete interior and exterior renovations and restorations
  • Additions and alterations to heritage homes
  • Increasing living space, including lounges, kitchens and bedrooms
  • Exterior alterations including appearance and garden space
  • Improvements to natural lighting in a heritage property

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