Commercial Architecture

Designing and building places that affect numerous people every day is hugely important and, similarly to our residential projects, is something we do with passion, experience and knowledge.

Creating work spaces throughout Melbourne

The processes involved with commercial architecture are very similar to the residential services that we provide. The initial concept designs, the architectural planning and the communication between all parties are crucial to ensure the success of the project.

Our typical commercial project is located within Melbourne CBD or the inner suburbs, and it is in this location that we have acquired our wealth of experience and knowledge. Abiding by the local legislation, planning permissions and environmental assessments, we are able to produce commercial buildings legally that fit the architectural design requirements.

The key aspects of commercial architecture

Experience has taught us that the architectural plans and the consultation process are vital, whether it is a commercial or residential contemporary architect project.

Planning: The planning process follows a number of steps to ensure success in all projects we undertake. From the initial concept design and feasibility assessment, through to the tendering, design documentation and contract administration, DX Architects have a plan in place to ensure maximum efficiency for the project.

Consultation: Communication is key with all architectural projects. Discussing ideas, negotiating costs, managing tenders and developing the project are essential steps in the funnel. Our experience has taught us to take the consultation period extremely seriously, ensuring everything is correctly in place to guarantee a smooth commercial project.

Building the future

Where our commercial projects are concerned, at DX Architects we are designing and creating buildings that will be a part of the world for many years to come. These buildings will become a part of thousands of people’s lives, and so they must be designed with this in mind at all times. Our buildings will become places that people look at, whether it’s from the street, or on a video on a website. Our buildings will become places that people work at, and often times spend many hours of the day. Most importantly, our buildings will become places for people to enjoy, and maybe even grow to love.

Wherever we build we are representing you and your business, but we are also representing our own. In this way, every building has a little bit of DX Architect’s identity in it, and we are adamant in putting our best efforts in everything we do.

Looking for a Commercial Architect?

If you are looking to renovate your property, build a new project on newly acquired land or you’re interested in seeing some concept designs for your commercial property, get in touch using the contact form below, or feel free to give our team a call and we would love to help you.

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