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Architectural design services


We have a great deal of experience in renovations, restorations and additions to heritage houses and commercial spaces within both Melbourne’s inner suburbs and Victoria’s regional areas. Generally during alterations and additions, we undertake significant upgrades and rectifications to the heritage fabric of the existing built form, to align with the newer section. At DX we have shown that a well-designed small space can be as great as a large one.


Our body of work largely sits in the bespoke residential home, which includes new builds, alterations, and additions to an existing home, including heritage homes and interior and exterior renovations, while also offering commercial and multi-residential typologies within this umbrella. Our approach largely works through increasing living spaces and efficient spatial planning, improving natural light qualities and extending space in the often-limited inner Melbourne home. Further to this, through our work in regional and coastal Victoria, our focus on context and siting is continued, weaving a seamless connection between site and built form. 


Our environmental responsibility and consideration for sustainability is paramount throughout the design process. We believe that a holistic approach to sustainable design creates immersive architecture that has positive impacts beyond the built environment. Through an understanding of your lifestyle, the homes footprint, we can address and mitigate this impact as we move towards a more sustainable, common future.


At DX we specialise in contemporary architecture, designing spaces in both Melbourne’s inner suburbs and regional areas. It is through our skills and experience gained that we have created an architectural design process to ensure the final outcome is a result we can pride ourselves on. Creating spaces which prioritise liveability whilst also challenging the constraints that inner city sites post is inherent to what we do here at DX.


Designing and building places that affect numerous people every day is hugely important and, similarly to our residential projects, is something we do with passion, experience and knowledge. We value creativity, to design quality architecture which responds to the site context and incorporates modern design techniques with years of knowledge and experience of local legislations and planning permissions.

Architectural design process.

Concept Development

The first step in the process where we develop the framework for the final result, through initial concepts and ideas. In this stage we listen to your needs (and wants), working with you, until we have absolute clarity in the requirement for your desired outcome.


Design Development

At this stage we will explore how these spaces will work in floor plans and 3D views. We will have the exterior of the home developed and the internal spaces mapped out to submit a Planning Application to council.



Once approved for planning, we document the entire project from top to bottom. Everything from floor types, cupboards, structure, and details are decided here, including all internal finishes. This is the set of drawings that the builder will require to build your project. We also engage a building surveyor to confirm design compliance with current building regulations.


Construction & Contract Management

This is the time where the hammers come out, and construction starts. We guide everyone involved through the build and all the ideas we have been discussing, making sure that the spaces are coming together in real life – just as we imagined.

Practice Size.

“Our company culture encompasses our purpose, vision, and values, and it serves as a commitment to both our existing and potential team members. It outlines the kind of environment they can expect to work in and reflects the guiding principles that drive our business operations.”

The boutique scale of our practice allows staff members to engage and collaborate with every project. This creates lasting connections with clients, based on confidence and trust. Within the culture in the DX office, the environment is founded on a positive, inviting, and intimate workplace which leads to enhanced productivity and relationships within the office. Our multi-disciplinary studio allows staff to continue to further themselves through teaching and learning, due to the varying skillsets amongst staff members and the constant desire to evolve.

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