At DX Architects we specialise in residential and commercial architecture within the inner suburbs of Melbourne, including Hawthorn. Furthermore, a typical project for us contains the design and renovation of a townhouse or creating a sympathetic addition to a heritage building.

Whilst there are no two projects the same, our local experience has taught us how to deal with all architectural circumstances, from local legislation and planning permissions, to finding a design that meets the expectations of our clients.

Hawthorn Architect

Hawthorn is a perfect example of a typical suburb that we work in – thriving with new housing projects, commercial buildings and events venues. It combines modern living with charmly properties – expect to see new bars and restaurants on a monthly basis, surrounded by Victorian and Edwardian properties and newly developed studio apartments throughout Hawthorn’s streets.


However, with the high development rate comes rising property prices. The median house price in Hawthorn is around $1,900,000 and average rent prices are towards $670 per week (source:


The high prices to buy new property means we have seen an upweight in the number of house owners developing what they already own. The number of architectural design projects in Hawthorn has grown as a result, with new projects focusing on increasing the number of bedrooms, improving natural light or interior design modifications.

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