Cozy Nooks & Zen Spots

Cosy nooks are great spaces to relax, recharge and enjoy various activities such as reading. They are great ways to bring in a sense of privacy inside your home – a space where you can detach and simply add some more Zen into your life. Window seats or little corners not only can transform and utilise those awkward spaces in your home but they can create simple and comfortable sanctuaries for doing the activities that you love. It is so important for our homes to provide comfort, safety and a healthy environment for our general wellbeing and that is why we think it is important whether it be an intentional design element or transforming that awkward corner into a functional space that you can utilise and improve your general quality of life.

Our top tips for creating a cosy nook as part of your home architecture :

Find that perfect spot:

What do you look for when you want to have some quiet downtime? Find that spot that you will love to spend time in – is it by a window or fireplace? Or maybe it’s in a secluded quiet space?

Think about your seating:

It’s always important to think about how you’re going to be using the space and making it as comfortable as it can be. For a more permanent nook we recommend a bench seat by a window.

Integrate built-in shelving:

Personalise the space by creating a spot for your favourite books and objects. This will add a sense of personality and cosiness to your nook.

Natural lighting:

Most importantly natural lighting is key to enhance your mood and overall quality of life so we recommend incorporating windows into the design of your cosy nook.

Sanctuary House
Photographer: Mark Chew Photography