Yackandandah House

Work In Progress – New Build.

Situated in the lush landscape of regional northeast Victoria, this proposal provides its residents with an expansive home that embeds itself within its rural setting. The home, located on a moderately sloping grassland site, uses its operable windows and zero-threshold doorways to provide a seamless transition from inside to outside. 

The form of the Yackandandah house floor plan is separated into 4 main building masses; the dormitory wing, the living wing, the master retreat, and the garage. These areas were then arranged in a grid and joined by a large linear gallery space which acts as a central spine to the home. This grid like form is defined by oversized masonry blade walls which extend beyond the threshold of the house, extending its structure to visually anchor the dwelling into to the landscape around it. These blades act to rigidly divide both the interior and exterior spaces, subtly defining the boundary between public, private, introverted and extroverted zones.

Though not yet completed, this project is set to deliver a dwelling which will evolve with the needs of its residents and natural surrounding for years to come. 

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