Little Mountain 

Alteration & Addition.

Minimalism was key in Little Mountain. The brief sought to maximise the space of the existing house on the narrow Inner Melbourne site. The result of the renovation saw the transformation of the existing single storey house into a generous and spacious two storey home, maximising light within the internal spaces.

Simplicity and refinement in the materials was fundamental to the brief. A monochrome interior was envisioned to assist with the amplification of light from the large full width doors leading to the rear yard. The white finish of the internal joinery and fixtures is complemented by a rich timber floor and island adding a warmth and tactility to the space.

In the exploration for space, the first floor addition of the master bedroom revealed an opportunity to create a split level storage room between these floors. The concealed storage room saw the clutter and mess of everyday life stowed away out of site, leaving the remaining bright spaces free and open for everyday life.


Tess Kelly Photography


Blueprint Constructions

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