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Here at DX Architects, we take the necessary steps to ensure that your building is begun, worked on and completed in an appropriate and effective manner. With any building, whether it is a commercial project or residential architecture, a solid foundation must be put in place before any work is done. In our approach to architecture, this foundation is a carefully thought out and well-researched architectural plan.

A full scope

Our plan offers a full scope of professional contemporary architectural services. Each service acts as a part of the plan, which combined will produce results that we pride ourselves on. How do we continue to complete projects effectively and efficiently? We have identified the most important steps within the architectural planning process and stick to these without fail.

The scope of the plan is as follows:

Concept Design

We discuss your ideas, requirements and design space and establish a solution for your architectural needs. It is during this stage that we will start to gain an understanding of the project and design the concepts that you may have.

Feasibility Assessment

In order to complete the project within budget and abiding by local legislation, a feasibility assessment is completed. It is during this preliminary phase that we establish whether the project is viable; gathering documentation and examining whether the project will require further planning permission or an environmental impact assessment.

Design Development

Following approval, in both the design concepts and the feasibility of the project, we begin to develop the architectural plans We begin to coordinate the work through specialists. we establish a budget estimation and create a schedule of proposed milestones.

Town Planning Services

The key element of the architectural plans is to ensure they in-keeping with the local legislation. The town planning phase allows us to assess any political roadblocks that may be involved during the build, including planning permissions, environmental assessments, public welfare and the impact of the design of the urban environment.

Design Documentation

Using the state of the art software, it is during this phase that we create a visual representation of the architectural design concept. This will give you an indication of how the final project will look.


Plans are in place, designs approved and the feasibility assessment complete. The tendering stage decides who will be responsible for the construction of the project. DX architects have built relationships with some of the best in the industry and continue with the ones that provide reliable, efficient and punctual services.

Contract Negotiation

With the building design in place and a builder selected to construct the works, we will assist with the signing of an ‘architect administered’ construction contract between the client and the builder.

An ‘Architect administered’ contract and includes some specific differences to a ‘non-architect administered’ contract. When DX Architects are appointed to undertake the contract administration, we represent you in relation to contract matters throughout the building process. The builder is still responsible to manage the building site and contract all the sub-contractor trades, but as the architect undertake the following key services;

  • Obtain construction program from the builder, and monitor actual progress
  • Liaise with building surveyor(to inspect work and sign off compliance with the Building Code of Australia) during construction
  • Review builder’s progress claims
  • Provide additional information to builder if requested
  • Visit the site regularly during construction to inspect the builder’s progress
  • Assess builder request for an extension of time
  • Assess builder request for any cost variations
  • Issue certificate of practical completion
  • Provide list of outstanding defects at the completion of project for the builder rectification

Through the contract administration process, DX Architects are able to oversee the construction of the works and ensure that the building is delivered to a high quality, as detailed within our architectural design documentation. You will be able to move the completed building without a worry.

Our Local knowledge

Our knowledge of Melbourne and the inner suburbs and the legislation that are involved with architectural practice locally allows us to efficiently plan every project we undertake. Whether it is a townhouse in the city or a multi storey house on the beachfront, our planning process remains consistent.

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